Every morning and evening, thousands of farmers in thousands of villages milk their cows and reach the fresh milk to our collection centers. The fresh milk is tested at various stages and sent to our chilling centers before being processed in the dairy.

At the cattle farms, each farmer takes diligent care with the upkeep of cows and their health. The cows are washed regularly and the cattle sheds are maintained with a great deal of cleanliness. The cows are given nutritious balanced feed as well as green fodder. Special measures are taken in maintaining cleanliness while milking – the udders are washed and cleaned before milking and the teats are dipped in a disinfectant after the milking to ensure good hygiene and health. The milk is collected in cans that are cleaned completely and dried in the sun every time before the milk is delivered at the collection center which is just a couple of kilometers from every farm.

When the milk is delivered at the collection center it is checked for the fat & SNF content by an EKO Milk analyzer. Multiple cans of collected milk are then sent to a local chilling center as milk needs to be maintained at 5 degrees to retain its goodness. The local chilling center tests the milk through sight, smell and taste for freshness and adulteration. It is then sent to a cooling plant which again puts the milk through various tests before collecting thousands of liters in chilled silos. From here the milk is sent by insulated trucks to dairies that are located within 30 kilometers.

Samples of milk that reach dairies are collected from every truck and are analysed at the lab before processing. In all, Arokya milk goes through 45 different tests – like physical tests, compositional tests, adulteration tests, microbiological tests, antibiotic tests, chemical tests and food safety control. The milk is then pasteurized, homogenized, packed and moved into a cold room.

The packed milk is loaded onto refrigerated trucks to maintain the 5 degrees temperature throughout. These refrigerated truck then move to different destinations to deliver the chilled milk to Hatsun Dailies and to other retailers. Arokya has even provided for chillers at the retail point to ensure that the milk stays chilled while you buy your pack. And the whole process from the farm to the retail point is done in record time.

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