India is the largest producer of milk in the world, with an average growth rate of 4%.

The Northern and Western parts of India are major producers of buffalo milk while South India produces cow’s milk.

HAP, based in South India, is the largest private sector dairy company in India, and hence has a distinct advantage when it comes to dealing in cow’s milk.


HAP is a public limited company that was founded by Mr. R. G. Chandramogan, who is also the Chairman & Managing Director.

In 1970, the company began with the pioneering effort of producing Arun Icecreams, which still continues to be the most popular ice creambrand in South India and Maharashtra

The company started marketing fresh milk in pouches from 1995 and manufacturing dairy ingredients from 2003

Last year HAP achieved around 4600 crore turnover, and is listed in the Mumbai Stock Exchange.


The company procures around 30 lakh litres of milk per day by directly collecting it from farmers spread over 10,000 villages in South India. HAP has its own infrastructure of milk collection centres and chilling centres for procuring and handling raw milk. Highly qualified field experts are employed to ensure timely collection, testing of milk at the point of collection, weekly payment, cattle feed sales, encouraging farmers to grow their herd size, training farmers on better animal management and clean milking.

Over 30 veterinary doctors, 20 agronomists and 300 inseminators under direct employment assist in artificial insemination, feed management, breed management, vaccination programs and render full scale animal health care


With high-tech processing plants operating at 19 locations, HAP ensures rigorous testing of milk before processing.

Units: 9 milk processing and packaging units, 2 milk product manufacturing units, 3 dairy ingredient manufacturing units, 2 ice cream manufacturing units, a ready-to-eat food manufacturing plant, a feed manufacturing plant and a packaging film manufacturing plant for milk, curd and printing of milk and curd pouches .

Arokya Milk was launched in 1995 and since then, has won the trust of millions of customers across South India, and has now spread into Maharashtra. Great care goes into the processing of Arokya Milk. It is available in four varieties:


Arun Icecreams has been one of the most favourite brands of ice cream for a number of decades. The brand believes in keeping things fresh by introducing new flavours and variants, so that customers always have new choices awaiting them.

Arun Icecreams is also a popular brand in Seychelles and Brunei.

Hatsun is the brand under which superior quality ghee, butter, paneer, curd and dairy whitener among others are sold in the domestic market.

IBACO, within just few years of its launch, has broken ground in new markets across India. With a greater number of stores opening up each year, and with a lot of positive feedback from customers, the brand seems set for a great journey into the future.

Hatsun Dairy Ingredients are well known as pure and healthy milk products of international quality.

They are produced in 3 locations and operate 4 driers of which three plants are erected by Alfa Laval, using Anhydro design, and another using Railli Oy design from Sweden. All the powder plants employ fluid bed driers with lecithination facilities to produce instantized powders.

There are state-of-the-art laboratories (chemical & microbiological) for process control, product quality control and product development. Validations of critical parameters are also done at our fully-equipped central lab located at Chennai. These ISO 22000:2005 certified manufacturing facilities have been regularly upgraded to meet the requirements and standards of various large multinational companies.

HAP exports only milk products that meet ADPI Extra Grade standards and are free from other contaminants such as melamine. The quality assurance of HAP ensures that stringent quality norms of American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) are fully met.


HAP is a company that procures milk, processes it, manufactures the dairy ingredients and sells it to various prestigious companies across the globe directly. HAP is an all-inclusive company trusted for quality dairy products.


Today, Hatsun Dairy Ingredients has become a preferred brand all over the world, primarily because:

  • They are made from healthy cow’s milk.
  • The equipment and technical facilities are on par with the best in the world.
  • Direct milk sourcing system from farmers resulting in better control of quality.
  • HAP has an excellent logistics and distribution network to ensure timely delivery and service.
  • Consistent quality of products.
  • HAP has a team of dedicated professionals to handle technical and commercial issues.


  • FSSC 22000
  • SO 22000 : 2005
  • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)
  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • EIA (Export Inspection Agency)