Casata Ball

Multi-layered ice cream sandwiched between slices of sweet sponge cake. Enjoy this Arun Icecreams Casata Ball, garnished with cashew nuts to give you a scrumptious treat.

Half Casata Ball

The Half-Casata Ball is both a visual and tasty treat. It is a creamy delight having many layers of flavoured ice creams sandwiched between slices of sweet sponge cake and garnished with cashew nuts.

Icecreams Cake Roll

Flavour an exclusive dessert experience with the Icecreams Cake Roll. Sweet sponge cake, smothered in classic vanilla ice cream and decorated with colourful tutty-fruity, surpassing the taste of those regular confections.

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Toys with Your Ice Cream

Find out the secret hiding
beneath these smooth ice creams...
Kids will love their Toy Fantasy surprise.


Whistle Candy

Introducing the Whistle Candy from Arun Icecreams - in two distinguishing flavours.


Cream and Cookies

Did you try the all-new Cream and Cookies Icones from Arun Icecreams?