Arun Icecreams has been one of the most popular brands of icecream over the decades. With new flavours and variants being introduced on a prolific basis, customers always have something to look forward to.

Arun Icecreams icone - Crunchy ice cream cones with a slender flavourful line running down the length of the cone,Icone offers customers something special in every bite. It’s a treat for kids and adults alike.

Arun Icecreams iBar – If customers are looking for indulgence, they needn’t look further than the iBar, an ice cream bar so rich in chocolate, it leaves one craving for more. This unique product comes in a range of flavours and also, in a smaller size - iBar Mini - for those looking for a quick bite. Two years after its launch, iBar continues to be a bestseller.

Kids’ Bar – When it comes to ice creams, customers expect something new and exciting, even more so in the case of children. That’s why we launched Kids’ Bars - a range of ice cream bars in fun shapes and sizes, something that would appeal to the playful nature of kids. Following the success of the initial success of Jolly Train and Yummy Bear, we have added two new flavours to Spiral - a unique bar with a twist. That’s not all, we have also launched Trio - an ice cream bar with three flavours which means three times the fun!

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