Arokya Milk was launched in 1995 and since then, has won the trust of millions of customers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. That’s what makes it the largest milk brand in the Indian private sector. Great care and refinement go into the processing of Arokya Milk.

Arokya Standardized Milk – One of the most popular of our milk products, Arokya Standardized Milk is the brand of choice for the whole family.

Arokya Full Cream Milk – This product, as the name suggests, is rich with cream content. This makes it perfect for kids, whether they are mixing it with their breakfast cereal or just drinking it.

Arokya Toned Milk – With 3% fat, Arokya Toned Milk is a healthy choice for families, providing a balanced mix of essential ingredients. It brims with the goodness of our villages.

Arokya Milk Can - Arokya Standardised Milk is now also available in a very convenient, easy-to-store and compact air sealed 1.5 litre milk can. This new initiative enables consumers to buy fresh milk in a larger quantity at one time as it retains freshness.


Arokya Curd comes to you from the trusted Arokya milk brand. Made from the highest quality of milk, this curd is thick, delicious and guaranteed to complete all your meals.


The brand offers customers a host of milk-based refreshments like milkshakes, yogurt shakes, yogurt toppings, paneer snacks, coffee and other hot beverages made with Arokya milk based on customer preference. All products perfectly blend the goodness of milk with natural ingredients. Customers can also purchase Hatsun dairy products and Arun Icecreams at these parlours.

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